Investment research, reimagined.

Countercyclical is your centralized platform for performing extensive value-oriented analysis, generating insightful valuations, and collaborating in a streamlined manner.

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A qualitative approach to the investment lifecycle

Evergreen principles govern all forms of long-term, successful capital allocation.
Stay focused on what matters the most at each step in your investment process.

A New Standard

We went ahead and flipped the narrative. Gone are the days when you need to fork over thousands of dollars in exchange for a legacy technology.


What's in vogue and what works over the long run are seldom the same thing. Do your best work without ever having to follow short-term fads.

Chart your Own Path

Say goodbye to a one-size-fits-all investment approach. Tailor your investment process to know when you should transact with Mr. Market.

Built for Power Users

Tailor your workflow to move at your own speed with our keyboard shortcuts. Get to the most important sources of truth in just a few keystrokes.

Enterprise Scalability

Whether you're a one-man army or the commander of one, rest assured knowing that we'll evolve alongside your ever-changing needs.

Bottom-Up Philosophy

Make the unknowns known. Expose risks at a microeconomic level in order to see if asset prices are tethered to their intrinsic value.

One Platform. Many Use Cases.

A First-Principles-Driven Workflow

Business fundamentals are the building blocks for any valuation. Discover underlying value with prebuilt and custom templates that organize every single part of your workflow in a centralized place.

Put Administration on Autopilot


Easily create a home where your teams, investments, and valuations can live.


Group your colleagues based on what they're best at without limiting their potential.


Limit or expand access based on how your organization is uniquely set up.

Move Forward without the Friction

Command Palette

Get to the most important part of your investment process in just a few simple keystrokes.

Real-Time Collaboration

Get the help you want while staying in the driver's seat 100% of the time.


Connect both your portfolio and team in a matter of seconds with our robust, built-in integrations.

Built for Collaboration


Ask questions and get feedback on charts, tables, and more within your investments and valuations.


Invite workspace members to your investments or create shareable links to give anyone access.

Data Export & Import

Bring your most meaningful insights in and out of our platform in just a few mouse clicks.

One Investment, Many Perspectives


Reuse your preferred inputs across multiple valuations to account for different scenarios.

Dynamic Data Visualizations

Save and reuse your favorite charting and table views across multiple investments and valuations.

Sensitivity Analysis

See the range of a company's intrinsic value to better understand an investment's risk continuum.


Crafted for the value investors of the past, present, and future.

Start building your investments on Countercyclical today.